"Drawing is the basis of all"

                                                                 Alberto Giacometti

Original art drawings online

The ART’S ROSE gallery offers a unique and unprecedented selection of sketches and drawings by artists especially chosen for their international recognition with each drawing being a unique artwork signed and dated by the artist.

This gallery was born out of a complicity between an artist and an art collector couple, such strong complicity one can find between the drawing and the painting or sculpture.

The artist is Shane Wolf, a living Master of figurative art and strong advocate of preparatory drawings rich in sketches, annotations and thoughts that unveil the genesis of an artwork. He is renowned as one of the great contemporary figurative of nudes based on live models. Indeed Shane believes that preparatory drawings allow him to further explore his work and thus free his thoughts and movement during the creation of his painted art. For Shane Wolf, drawing is, beyond a line, a direct link to the human being and a continuous and prodigious quest.

ART’S ROSE aims to expose to the greatest number, unique drawings in a wide range of prices and sizes. Thus allowing any art enthusiast to become an art collector.

Could drawings be the source of all . . . Happiness ?